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Eastwood Christian School
They Shall mount up with wings as eagles... Isaiah 40:31

ALSDF Cadet Program Info

Eastwood Christian School provides a cadet training program on campus. Our cadet training program is sponsored by the 2nd Battlion of The Alabama State Defense Force or ALSDF. This program provides the student with self-confidence, achievable goals, commitment and responsibility!  We have received state recognition for our program and our cadets.  Our students have received several awards including Cadet of the Year and scholarships!  The ALSDF cadet program is a great career builder and sets the stage for your child to not only achieve in life but to give back to his community!  We teach your child how to aim high and then exceed that goal!!

This program is provided as part of the curriculum of the school for junior and senior high students and meets at least once per week, plus a minimum of one monthly excercise. This part of our curriculum is provided at no additional charge in tuition to enrolled on-campus students.

Non-enrolled students are welcome and encouraged to participate at our school for their community.  The tuition for non-enrolled students to participate in the ROTC program is $75.00 per month.  Please call us for more information regarding uniforms, schedules and attendance requirements.

Below we have provided a brief summary of the ALSDF and it's goals. This information is courtesy of the 2nd Battalion website from  Please feel free to browse this link for more great information about our state's volunteer force!!

Alabama State Defense Force

Our Creed:
When ordered by the Adjutant General, provide an organized, trained, disciplined, rapid response volunteer force to assist state and local government agencies, and civil relief organizations in impending or actual emergencies to assure the welfare and safety of the citizens of Alabama.

The Alabama State Defense Force (ASDF) is the state guard (official militia) for the State of Alabama  allowed by the Constitution of Alabama, The Code of Alabama and Executive Order. It has an authorized strength of 1,000 members and is organized on the United States Army structural pattern. The ASDF is under the control of the Governor of Alabama, who serves as the state's Commander in Chief, and comes under the authority of The Adjutant General (TAG) of Alabama.

The ASDF is led by its own Commander. The ASDF Commander and the General Staff are posted at Fort Taylor Hardin in Montgomery, Alabama. The ASDF Commander holds the grade of Major General.

The official and primary mission of the ASDF, as defined by the Code of Alabama, is to establish a cadre (of not more than 1,000 persons) that will be subject to the call of The Adjutant General of Alabama after partial or full mobilization of the Alabama National Guard. More specifically, the State Defense Force will be prepared to provide:

  •  Communications with the ALNG Joint Operation Center (JOC).
  •  Custodial duties and security of facilities and property.
  • Family assistance.
  • Recruiting to strength levels authorized by The Adjutant General.
  • Responses to tasking from TAG through the ALNG EOC.
  • Surveys of key facilities.
  • Assist Homeland Defense and The Citizens Corp. as needed and directed by the  Governor of the State, the TAG and the ASDF Commandeer

A secondary mission of the ASDF is to provide manpower and relief assistance to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (EMA) during natural disasters and other civil emergencies within the State of Alabama. The ASDF cannot be deployed beyond the State of Alabama for missions while on state active duty.

History of ALSDF

The origins of the Alabama State Defense Force (ASDF) can be traced to the 1800's as volunteer companies such as the Montgomery True Blues and the Mobile Cadets.

During the war between the states, four Alabama regiments served as state reserves. During W W I, the Alabama National Guard was mobilized and many companies at the county level served during this conflict. At that time, the Alabama State Guard was organized. The first commander was Colonel George L. Cleere, later to be promoted to brigadier general (BG), and still later to be appointed by the governor as Adjutant General of Alabama.

In 1983, the Alabama State Legislature authorized the ALSDF by Act 83-924 and by Executive Order Number 20, signed by Governor George C. Wallace on December 22, 1983. On December 30, 1983, the Alabama State Military Department issued Order Number 100-2 authorizing the ALSDF cadre strength of 500, with mobilization strength of 5000. The first commander of ALSDF was Major General (MG) Herman A. Price, Jr. During the Gulf War, the Alabama National Guard was activated and ALSDF provided family support and family assistance. Twenty-seven ALSDF members were called to active-duty to render this service to Al NG unit members.

In 1992, MG Charlie F. Kinsal was appointed commander. MG Fred Jones assumed command in 1993. From 1996 to January 1999, MG James L. Horak commanded ALSDF. From 1999 to 2003, MG Fred Jones commanded the unit. MG Charlie C. Rowe is the current commander, Montgomery, AL.