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Eastwood Christian School
They Shall mount up with wings as eagles... Isaiah 40:31

Homeschool Program

Welcome to our Homeschool Page and Thank you for your interest! 
A child's first teacher is their parents!!

Eastwood Christian School offers a homeschool ministry to encourage our community's parent-teachers.  We strive to give those parents peace of mind that they are rightfully providing a safe and legal learning environment for their children. Our Homeschool Administrator is Michele Smith.  She is a veteran homeschooler of her own children plus several others and has served as an administrator for the last three years to our community's homeschooling families.  Michele is very well-versed in Alabama State homeschool laws (officially known as “church-school” laws by the state of Alabama.)  She will be glad to answer any questions you have about homeschooling and keep you apprised of any pending legislature that might affect your rights and ability to home school your child. 

Eastwood Christian School provides the curriculum, curriculum updates and support you need to successfully home school your child or children.  Due to the individual workbooks needed to be ordered for each child, a book fee is collected at the beginning of each school year.  A monthly monitoring fee of $28.00 provides you with administration of necessary paperwork and filing, as well as membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association.  Your child will be able to participate in College Co-Enrollment opportunities.  Full library access is included along with our quarterly newsletter of events.  Yearbooks will be available and are a valuable keepsake. Our Cadet training program is also open to homeschooled students at an additional monthly charge.  We are presently considering adding a membership to local sporting teams and cheerleading as enrolled student’s interest will determine.  Monthly Reporting of Attendance as well as grades will be kept on file and report cards issued. 

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in all of your homeschooling endeavors! Please call our central office at (334) 749-1859 to speak with Michele further and enroll your child today!! 

For your information: ALABAMA Homeschool Laws:

Compulsory Attendance Ages: "between the ages of 7 and 17." Alabama Code § 16-28-3.

Required Days of Instruction: 180 days (public schools only).

Required Subjects: None.

Home School Statute: None.

Alternative Statutes Allowing for Home Schools:

Church School - Home schools qualify as church "schools ... operated as a ministry of a local church, group of churches, denomination, and/or association of churches on a nonprofit basis which do not receive any state or federal funding." Ala. Code § 16-28-1(2). Every child attending a church school is exempt from the requirements of this [compulsory attendance] section provided the child complies with the procedure in § 16-28-7 [parent or guardian reporting attendance in church school; see (a) below]. Ala. Code § 16-28-3. A church could establish different church schools within each home. Also, under this option, some home schoolers enroll their children in an existing church school but teach them at home.

a. "The enrollment and attendance of a child in a church school shall be filed with the local public school superintendent by the parent … on a form provided by the superintendent ... which shall be countersigned by the administrator of the church school." Ala. Code § 16-28-7. (No requirement to file annually. Only need to file this form once at initial enrollment in church school.  However it is advisable to do it annually.)

b. The principal teacher of the church school must keep an attendance register for each day of the school year. Ala. Code § 16-28-8.

c. A church school must "offer grades K-12, or any combination thereof...." § 16-28-1(2).

d. If the local school district believes a family is not in compliance with the law, it must give the family 3 days’ written notice (§ 16-28-16) prior to instituting criminal charges. In an HSLDA case, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the conviction of a home school father who only received a 2-hour verbal notice from a truant officer. [Maas v. Alabama, 601 So.2d 209 (Ala.Ct.App. 1992)].

e. According to an Alabama Attorney General’s opinion dated January 3, 1997, "[o]ther than the state laws requiring parents to report attendance and for church schools to report if a student is no longer in attendance at such a church school, there is no provision of Alabama law that permits or requires any state or local authority to regulate a church school."

Standardized Tests: Not required by statute.

Religious Freedom Act: Alabama Constitutional Amendment No. 622

The Religious Freedom Restoration Amendment (RFRA), passed with the help of HSLDA members, gives religious home schoolers another legal means to protect their right to home school. If the parents’ free exercise of religion is substantially burdened by having to comply with the homeschool law, the parents may use the RFRA as a defense or file suit against the state. Under this statute, the burden is on the state to prove that its requirement "furthers a compelling state interest" and is the "least restrictive means" of fulfilling its interest that children be educated. § V(b). This Act restores the highest protection of the individual's right to freely exercise his religious beliefs taken away by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1997 City of Boerne decision. 521 U.S. 507.